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SEO Website Templates

SEO Website Templates

AK Works offers SEO website templates for businesses of all sizes and industries. Our SEO website templates are turn-key solutions, ready to use with minimal effort.

Our SEO website templates are created with the latest in best practice SEO methods. This means the shortfalls of typical websites that

What is SEO Website Design?

SEO website design, by our standards, is website design that revolves around search engine optimization. In other words, SEO website design is web design that is marketing-centric and focused on making your website into a powerful marketing tool.

AK Works does this by focusing our SEO website designs on the fundamentals and best practices of search engine optimization. This means our SEO website designs are created to be search engine friendly and compliant to search engine rules.

Google, Yahoo, and MSN - the 3 major search engines - have special guidelines for website designers to creating search engine-friendly, search engine optimized websites. Our websites are created according to these guidelines and with SEO best practice methods that we have gained through 5 years of experience in the SEO industry.

Why SEO Website Templates?

AK Works was started because we grew tired of our SEO clients getting frustrated at web designers who sold them websites that were not optimized for search engines. Our SEO clients spent thousands of dollars on websites only to find that thousands more were required to optimize the same websites. We knew there was a better way and the answer was SEO website designs.

Most website designers and developers know how to make a website look pretty. Their main concern is that the website looks good and that when a visitor clicks here or there, the website works properly.

But, more and more people turn to search engines to find products and services they need. They use the search engines to find everything from real estate to cars for sale and even local restaurants and chiropractors. With so many potential new clients floating around, your business cannot afford to not be found by them.

To use the search engines as a marketing platform, your website needs to be optimized for the right search words and needs continual website marketing. This is why your website needs to be search engine friendly and incorporate SEO website design.