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SEO Website Redesign and Rebranding

SEO Website Redesign and Rebranding

[AK Works started because our SEO clients were frustrated to learn that the websites they paid thousands of dollars to develop were completely search engine unfriendly and required thousands more to be properly search engine optimized. We knew there was a better way and a better value out there. The answer was SEO website REdesign.]

In our years of experience optimizing websites for our SEO clients, some of our clients like to work with web designers and SEOs separately. While there is usually nothing wrong with this separation, complications develop when web designers don't work together with SEOs.

Web designers are skilled at making things look good. Unfortunately, they are often totally unaware of the search engine optimization consequences of redesign. The result of typical redesign projects end up like a sledge hammer in a china shop - chaos.

We knew there was a better way for website redesign with SEO in mind. The answer - SEO website redesign.

Why SEO Website REdesign?

Every business website needs a refresh or a redesign from time to time. In some cases, a rebranding of the company requires a complete redesign of the website. It can be exciting to redesign a website and it may be tempting to do something cool like using Flash.

Using Flash or other new graphics may make websites look good in the redesign, but without thinking about search engine optimization, the redesign can have devasting SEO consequences.

With the increasing importance of search engines as a marketing platform, it is vital to your business to make search engine optimization a central component of your web redesign. Some search engine optimization points to consider during a web redesign include:

  • Content from original website: Where does it go? Did it provide existing rankings?
  • Old pages from original website: Does the file name stay the same? Does it get renamed? How is it linked to in new website?
  • Web page file extensions: Did the website change from HTML to PHP or ASP? Do the new page names go from "about-us.html" to "about-us.asp"?
  • Flash: Is the new website entirely in Flash
  • Intro pages: Does the new website have a Flash or HTML intro page?

These are just a few examples of important considerations during a website redesign that can have significant search engine optimization consequences. If these are not considered and transitioned properly, there can be significant SEO consequences.

What is SEO Website REdesign?

SEO Website RE-Design: SEO website redesign, by our standards, is redesigning websites with search engine optimization in mind. As more and more people turn to search engines to find news, services, and products they want, no business can afford to ignore the impact of search engines as a marketing platform. SEO website redesign takes website redesign and brings it to the next level.

The Technical-Search Engine Optimized Coding: Redesigning a website with search engine optimization starts with optimizing the code. The search engines pay attention to the coding of the website, not the design or look of the website. That means all the back end HTML information needs to be optimized. Optimized coding means making sure search engine unfriendly elements such as Javascript menus, HTML tables used for layouts, and other code bloat are removed or reduced.

The Technical-Search Engine Friendly Transition from Old to New: Transitioning from one

AK Works does this by focusing our SEO website designs on the fundamentals and best practices of search engine optimization. This means our SEO website designs are created to be search engine friendly and compliant to search engine rules.

Google, Yahoo, and MSN - the 3 major search engines - have special guidelines for website designers to creating search engine-friendly, search engine optimized websites. Our websites are created according to these guidelines and with SEO best practice methods that we have gained through 5 years of experience in the SEO industry.