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Search Engine Optimization and Pay-Per-Click Advertising

SEO Marketing and PPC Advertising Services

AK Works provides SEO and PPC marketing services for businesses that want more performance from their websites. If you need your business website to bring in more marketing, more sales, more traffic, find out how SEO and PPC marketing services can help.

Search Engine Optimization Services

Our SEO services will help improve your business website's natural, organic search engine rankings for your main keywords. We use white-hat, search-engine compliant SEO methods to optimize your business website. This is important because unethical, spammy, and black-hat SEO methods can be risky and cause your website to be banned. Being banned by the search engines means your customers can't ever find you and that means a loss of business for you!

From coding optimization to content copywriting to link-building, AK Works SEO Services are compliant to search engine rules and will not expose your website to risk.

Critical SEO areas you can expect us to focus on your website include:

  • keyword research
  • back links analysis
  • competition analysis
  • website structure, coding, and linking architecture
  • server level coding problems
  • content optimization and much more

Professional Pay-Per-Click Advertising Management Services

Our PPC Management services will help you gain rapid search engine traffic, rapid search engine visibility, and rapid sales. With PPC advertising your business can target specific keywords that SEO cannot target. Your business can generate more sales, higher conversions, and target only areas where you wish to do business.

We have search engine certified PPC professionals who audit your website, identify site improvements for better sales conversions, help create custom PPC landing pages, and create your PPC ads.

Your dedicated PPC professional keeps a careful eye on your advertising budget, maximizes your dollar-spend for traffic and sales, and reduces your cost per sale. All of these careful steps ensures you have a profitable PPC advertising campaign.

Link-Building for SEO

Our Continual Link Building for SEO services works to build up your website's link popularity. This is not to drive traffic from other websites to your website. This is to drive up your website's link popularity, link strength, and link equity to rank higher in the search engines. In short, the more websites link into your website, the higher you rank.

With organic search engine rankings, an estimated 50% of your rankings is based on your website's link popularity. Continuously building links pointing to your website is not only necessary for top, first page search engine rankings - it's necessary to stay ranking!

Our Continual Link-Building for SEO services sets you up with a dedicated team of link-builders. Their job is to continuously get links, make sure the links use your targeted keywords, come from indexed websites that are compliant to search engine rules and not connected to link farms.

With our Continual Link-Building for SEO service, AK Works will continuously work with you to rank for your targeted keywords. We will work to get your website to rank for your initial keywords - then help you to stay on top of your rankings while exploring more keywords for your business to target.

As you grow, we grow with you. We want your business to success spectacularly!

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