Local SEO, Local Search Engine Optimization, SEO for Local Businesses

Local SEO, Local Search Engine Optimization, SEO for Local Businesses

Local SEO and Search Optimization Services

More and more people use the search engines as their primary resource to find products and services from local businesses like restaurants, auto repair, and dentists. Visibility in search engines like Google and Yahoo for local searches is extremely important. Businesses that do not invest in website design and online marketing risk losing customers!

If you have placed ads to your local phone book or coupon mailers, you have probably found that the return on your advertising investment just doesn't work very well. Even phone directory companies need to rely on the search engines to generate traffic and value for their advertisers!

Promoting your business online to the local community is more important than ever. If you want an edge over your local competitors, you need Local Search Engine Optimziation.

Local SEO :: Organic Optimization

Local SEO for organic rankings is similar to regular SEO except that the optimization includes local modifiers such as a city name or a neighborhood name.

For example, a national keyword like "laser hair removal" is modified with "Boston laser hair removal".

By targeting the local, geographic market, Local SEO filters out visitors from areas outside of your service. Local SEO also makes the results more relevant because you know that your visitors are within your service area. Relevant results means you lower your cost of acquisition and optimize your marketing budget!

Local SEO targeting also makes the SEO campaign easier because there are fewer competitors. This means your Local SEO campaign can be smaller and more affordable. As a local business with Local SEO, you won't need to pay $2,000 or $5,000 per month for SEO that larger competitors need to pay.

Our Local SEO Process

Our Local SEO service provides the same level of organic search engine optimization as a normal, national-level SEO campaign. As with national-level SEO, AK Works will optimize your website's coding and content and will build links to target specific keywords.

As with any SEO campaign, AK Works starts the process of Local SEO with a detailed and analytical approach:

  1. Keywords Analysis - We start by identifying locally searched keywords such as "Boston laser hair removal", "Denver limousine", etc.
  2. Evaluate & Analyze Competition - Next we evaluate the competition level for each keyword by examining the link-building strength of each competitor.
  3. Website Optimization Mapping - We then identify areas of the website that needs to be fixed and map out a plan to fix them.

The final Local SEO campaign will include both on-page optimization and link-building for first page organic rankings.

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