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With more people using the search engines as their primary resource to find local businesses with products and services they want, local search engine visibility is extremely important.

Local search engine visibility is the key to gaining the edge over your local competition.

Local Search Engine Optimization isn't the only way to promote your

If you have placed ads to your local phone book or coupon mailers, you have probably found that the return on your advertising investment just doesn't work very well. Even phone directory companies need to rely on the search engines to generate traffic and value for their advertisers!

Promoting your business online to the local community is more important than ever. If you want an edge over your local competitors, you need Local Search Engine Optimziation and Marketing.

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Local Map Search Optimization focuses on optimizing the listings next to local search maps. In Google and Yahoo, when you do a search for local businesses like "Philadelphia bakery" or "Tampa tattoo", there are maps next to the local search results. Next to the map are listings of several local businesses. These listings are different from the organic search results.

These listings require inclusion into Google's Local Business directory. However, the specific rankings next to the map includes location, customer reviews and good old fashioned link-building and SEO.

With the right local SEO expertise, your business can rank higher in listings next to the Local search map!

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